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Webcomics have gone from niche specialties to mainstream reading. Show the world your love for visual online stories and jokes with this t-shirt featuring everyone’s favorite purple bat.

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Asterisk theme

download the Asterisk theme

We’re thrilled to announce a new theme: Asterisk, an “instructional” theme with four tones — two practical and two informative — to help you learn to make great webcomic sites. It’s loaded with inline notes to tell you what’s going on, why we set it up that way, and how it works.

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Learn to Code

We’ve heard it many times: “Help! I can’t code!” Yes you can. You just need a place to start — and our first e-book is written for you.

This PDF will guide you through the basics of HTML/CSS and customizing your webcomic site with the Grawlix CMS. You’ll learn about:

  • Tags: Different kinds, how they work, and how to use them
  • Classes: The tight relationship between HTML and CSS
  • Themes: Fundamentals of theming the Grawlix CMS, especially the Stick Figure 1.1 theme
  • Advice: Best-practice techniques for writing clean, easy-to-edit code based on our years of writing the stuff

You’ll also get quizzes to test your know-how along the way. This is a great resource for comic artists looking to publish their stories and dailies on the web.

Start mastering code

“I've been coding for years and haven't seen the basics of HTML+CSS explained so clearly and succinctly. You've managed to simplify the explanation without dumbing it down.”

— Danny Burleson

“I also really enjoyed your ebook - it's very easy to read and informative. I would definitely recommend it to other artists who want to learn the basics of Web design.”

— MJ Wallace

“I'm very intimidated by code, but when I got to page 24 and saw the basic building blocks of Stick Figure, I felt for the first time that I could actually do this. The info in your ebook has given me a lot of confidence.”

— Mike Falter

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