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Host provided .htaccess not replaced/overwritten by grawlix CMS + other feedback

edited August 2017 in Feedback
I just set up Grawlix under a new cPanel user on a VPS where cPanel users are automatically set up with a simple default .htaccess file.

I installed Grawlix, noticed that static pages like Cast were 404'ing, figured it was the .htaccess.

Found the .htaccess was still the server-provided one, not the Grawlix one. Replaced .htaccess with htaccess.txt. Problem solved.

Feedback here is that I didn't find anything in the instructions indicating that the .htaccess might need to be replaced with htaccess.txt. I'm guessing that the CMS assumes that if an .htaccess exists, it's the right one?

Also these should be commented out by default as they will cause an Internal Server Error on servers running suPHP (a lot of shared servers will):
#php_value display_errors 0
#php_value display_startup_errors 0
#php_flag register_globals off

Lastly, the location to change the url for static pages wasn't particularly intuitive. For the cast page, for example, I expected the spot to change the url to be in sttc.page-edit.php where the content of the page is edited and only found site.nav.php after resigning myself to the /comic-characters url


  • Heya, thanks for your feedback. Htaccess has been an on-and-off dilemma, especially instructing people how to use or troubleshoot it, so we appreciate your insight.

    You’re right: the system doesn’t read a .htaccess file’s code. It just checks to see if the file exists because some people modify their htaccess file after the fact — say, if their server doesn’t like one of the lines you suggest we comment out.

    We’re simplifying the included htaccess file in our next release, which — hopefully — will clear up some of the problems.

    Static page URLs: good point. We’ll see if we can make that either more clear or more accessible.
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