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Four new features debut with version 1.4

We’re thrilled to announce the latest version of the Grawlix CMS. This edition will change the way you link comic pages, build archives, and publish updates to your readers. We also made working with content blocks easier, fixed a dozen-odd bugs, and tweaked a bunch of minor functions in the admin panel. Read more about it at Patreon.


  • A minor cosmetic detail: when editing comic pages, the dropdowns in the Publication Date area are not quite wide enough to fully show the day or year. However, the month looks just fine.
  • Good catch. We’ll make those a tad wider so they’re easier to read.
  • Honestly, I love the fact that there are discernible and useful changes with each update! ^^ It may get a while to get nice things but at least I know they will be there thanks to your hard work! (Yay, archives!)
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