The snippet( ) function

Each PHP script in a Grawlix theme is actually part of a given web page. The Grawlix CMS assembles HTML from different parts we call “snippets”. Writing this code:


Will grab the contents of a file called snippet.header.php and add it to the overall file. For example, the file called page.comic.php includes a header, a footer, and other snippets.

Technically you could name a snippet anything you want, like snippet.wokkawokka.php, as long as it begins with “snippet” and ends with “php”.

Here are some real snippets that the Grawlix CMS uses:

  • header
  • comic-nav
  • share
  • follow
  • twitterstream
  • transcript
  • comments
  • footer
  • sidebar
  • googleanalytics

These files must use the .php extension, but they don’t have to contain any PHP. Also, you can create your own snippets.

Wrap up

snippet('name') is a function for including a template file from your install’s filesystem. The text in quotes matches part of a filename. For example, snippet('header') corresponds to snippet.header.php. Likewise snippet('wokkawokka') would grab the “wokkawokka” snippet. That’s just an example, though. It’s not real.

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