You can control site-wide preferences in the “Settings” section of your admin panel. These include:

Site name

The official title of your overall website. This can be the same as your comic book, but not necessarily. For example, if your comic is named “The Amazing Adventures of Aaron the Aardvark”, then you could name your “Aardvark Adventures, an Online Comic.”

Site root directory

If you’re storing your site in a subdirectory, enter its name here. Be sure to prefix the subdirectory with a slash, like /foldername.

Meta description

A short summary of your website, about 160 characters (but up to 200-ish). This is useful for SEO purposes, as search engines often read the meta description for their result pages’ snippets.

Artist’s name

Your real name, a pseudonym, or any label by which you want readers to know you.

The legal rights to your work. This statement is usually a © symbol (or © in HTML parlance) and the year of publication.


Used to indicate upon which hour your comic pages should be available on their appropriate dates.

Date format

How months, days and years should appear on your site. See the official list at

Google Analytics Tracking ID

Your site’s unique string for watching traffic on your site.

Wrap up

Settings lets you control general website parameters including its name, timezone, and copyright statement.

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