Comic pages

Comic pages are the building blocks of a comic’s narrative or, in the case of daily comics, the one-off jokes that people come to read.

Comic pages are different from static pages, which only support the website. Static pages are side-shows. Comic pages are the main event.

And they do more than hold images you upload. Each comic page has a unique blog post: text with which you talk about the page du jour. They also have space for a title, description and text transcript, which are boons for SEO.

Comic page text

Comic pages have several text components:

  • Title and description: A quick, SEO-friendly blurb about each page.
  • Blog post: A title and a few Markdown-savvy paragraphs let you give readers insight into the making of your comic or what’s happening that day.
  • Transcript: Plain text that describes what characters are doing and saying in a comic page.

Blog posts and transcripts are optional, but recommended. Unique, descriptive, accurate titles are essential for your site’s archives and, again, good SEO. Use Health Check to watch for too-short or redundant titles.

Working with pages

A comic page row in the Book View panel

Create a comic page

  1. Tap “new page” in the upper left corner of your admin panel.
  2. Fill out as many fields as you can and tap the “create” at the bottom of the page.

Edit a comic page

  1. Tap “book view” in the upper left corner of your admin panel.
  2. Tap the name of the page you want to edit.
  3. Make changes as you see fit.

Delete a comic page

  1. Tap “book view” in the upper left of your admin panel.
  2. Tap the trash can icon in the page row you want to delete.

Note: the Grawlix CMS will delete comic pages instantly. There is no undo.

Wrap up

  • Comic pages contain the art that your readers come to see.
  • You can create new ones in your admin panel, and edit or delete them under “book view” of your admin panel.
  • Each comic page can have one (optional) blog post and transcript.

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