Book view

The Grawlix CMS provides an overview of your books’ contents — their pages and markers — called the Book View. This script lists pages in order, allows you to add or remove markers, and to create new pages.

Screen shot of the book view

Access the book view by tapping “book view” in the upper left side of your Grawlix CMS admin panel.

Features of the book view

  • Edit comic info: Tap to change the comic’s title.
  • Add pages: Tap to upload images into the book, with or without a new marker.
  • The list: Gray bars display your book’s pages in order.
  • Title: Tap to edit each page’s images, blog post, transcript and metadata.
  • Order: Change the arrangement of pages in the book.
  • Marker: Indicates (optional) sections of your story.
  • Remove marker: Delete the marker, which will not delete the page to which it was assigned.
  • Trashcan icon: Delete a page. This can not be undone.
  • Pencil icon: Edit this page’s images, title, etc.
  • Add marker: Choose the type of section (chapter, scene, arc, etc) you want to create. The Grawlix CMS will add markers to all of the checked pages in the list above.
  • Reorder pages: If you’ve changed the pages’ order, tap this button to save your changes. (Optionally, in most browsers you can simply change a number and hit return. In most browsers.)

Wrap up

  • The admin panel’s “book view” provides an overview screen of your comic pages
  • From here you can create or delete markers
  • You can also search for and edit (or delete) comic pages
  • There’s also an “edit comic” button to change you comic book’s name, publication frequency, and marker types

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