Version 1.2: Trick or treat? Mostly treat


Spooky version announcement

We’re thrilled to announce that version 1.2 of the Grawlix CMS is now available for download. This version includes some long-standing fixes and features artists have reported or requested.

  • The ability to uninstall a theme, making tone choices simpler

  • Automatically installing tones upon installing a theme

  • Remove “sort=” pagination for cleaner URLs (though they’ll still work fine for older bookmarks)

  • Remove Livefyre, which Adobe bought and recently discontinued for non-enterprise use

  • Fix a bug that misinterpreted links starting with “http”

… And various other little tweaks and improvements.

How to upgrade

  1. Download the new version

  2. Replace your _system and _admin folders with the new copies

We hope your enjoying your webcomic platform or, if you’re new to the system, have a great time getting started.

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