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Statistics over coffee

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Things don’t look good for ads.

In September we started a survey to gauge interest in certain features of the Grawlix CMS. Static pages and blog posts popular, as was health check. To our surprise, advertisements came in dead last.

Survey results: which feature do you use most?

Survey results: which feature do you use most?

This dovetails nicely with our earlier question if ads were worth keeping up. As we mentioned, they’re not easy to design and downright difficult to code. Now we believe they’re not popular, either.

Most wanted

At the same time, two requested features were clear winners. By a wide margin, people want to see custom home pages and multiple books — both of which are on our to-do list.

Objective as we try to be, we’re pleased to see that responsive images are also on people’s minds, as we look forward to the possibilities offered there.

Survey results: most requested features

Survey results: most requested features

Overall, people who answered the survey as of late September were satisfied with the CMS, giving it 8.5 out of 10, or a NPS score of 29. Not bad, but we think we can do better.

The survey’s ongoing, but if we were to drop any feature to make a deadline, you can bet ads wouldn’t make the cut.

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