Learn HTML and CSS with our new book


As CMS developers, we’re deep into the technical aspects of publishing webcomics. Many of our artist friends are too — some more reluctantly than others. Frankly, most would rather draw comics than hack code. And we can’t blame them. So we wrote a book aimed at webcomic artists.

What’s inside

At a glance, we wrote and illustrated:

  • Different kinds of tags and how to use them

  • The relationship between HTML and CSS

  • Fundamentals of theming the Grawlix CMS with show() and PHP snippets

  • Best-practice techniques for clean, easy-to-edit code

  • Elements vs. tags vs. attributes

  • Techniques to prevent trouble down the road

  • The vital sections of a HTML document

  • The fundamentals of web page layout

  • Common CSS selectors and properties

Our 54-page illustrated guide to coding webcomics covers more than mere tags. It’s about understanding the ins and outs of HTML & CSS; the principles and best-practices; how to prevent tangled tags.

It also comes with quizzes to test your understanding along the way, and each chapter builds upon the last.

Who’s it for

While we wrote the book with complete n00bs in mind, we soon found that experts learned a thing or two as well. We also wrote it for webcomic artists — but the material has its roots in presentations Ben’s been giving since the early 2000s.

We recommend it for anyone who looks at Grawlix CMS themes and asks, “what can I edit without breaking something?”

Not convinced? Get a sample

If you want to know more about what you get, email Ben for a quick bite of the book. Be sure to mention if you’re looking for a particular technique, or just want general information.

Going forward

Grab your e-book today!

Got feedback? Questions? Confusion? Ask us by email or in the forum. We’d love to know what you think. After all, that’s why we made the Grawlix CMS: to help artists publish comics on the web.

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