Asterisk: a new theme for webcomics

Part theme, part instruction manual, Asterisk was designed (pun intended) to help webcomic artists make sense of HTML & CSS. You can control almost every aspect of the theme’s look-n-feel in CSS alone, and develop your own unique tones along the way. *

Hand me the #2B screwdriver

Sure, we use a code editor. And an image editor — backgrounds don’t make themselves. Over here are our note tools. Over there, our testing suite. It all adds up to a hefty tool belt. Here’s the software we use to create and manage the Grawlix CMS. Explore our dev kit

Comic-first website design

More than making a site that looks good, artists designing a webcomic site must solve problems in communication. They have to quickly tell readers where they are, set the comic’s tone, show readers how to get around the site — and make sure it works well in a variety of browsers and screen sizes. Put first things first

You want to add what?

We’d love to include every feature. But not everything makes the cut. Every detail in the Grawlix CMS must answer the big question: how does it help artists publish comics online? Oh the things people say

From here to there: using FTP

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a fancy way to say “send files somewhere.” It’s a necessary step in building a webcomic site. Learn how to send files over the web — as in, to create a public website. Transfer knowledge

Webcomics in a flexible world

Smartphones and tablets are among the most popular web-surfing tools today. That’s a problem for webcomic sites, which are often designed with large screens in mind. Ignoring small screens means ignoring potential readers. So what do we do about it? Keep an open mind

Tips to optimize graphics

Today many high-resolution screens have pixels so small that people can’t see them individually. As pixels get smaller, so do the images they comprise. A 600-pixel-wide image that reads well on desktop screens will also fit comfortably in a handheld iPhone — and make readers squint. That’s a problem. Look sharp, load fast