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The Grawlix CMS for indie webcomics

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Use the Grawlix CMS to share your stories with readers

Building a webcomic is more than slapping a graphic into a template. The Grawlix CMS is designed specifically for sequential storytelling. It encourages readers to tap from one page to the next. This sequential nature means it has automatic archives; pages optionally arranged by chapter, story arc, etc; themes that change per chapter; and other goodies specifically for webcomics.

How does it work?

The Grawlix CMS is a set of software you upload to a web host via FTP. It lets you control the entire site, its pages, and its comics, though a web-based admin panel. You can edit the built-in themes’ HTML/CSS & graphics, or create your own.

Download the software. Upload to your host. Run the install script. Customize to your liking. Publish webcomics!



Blazing fast load times. Pages appear as fast your images can download.


Optionally organize your webcomic into chapters, scenes, guest art days, story arcs, and more.

Flexible styles

Adapt chapters’ looks based on your theme with a little CSS voodoo.

Awesome archives

You decide how readers browse past pages. Automatically generated as you create pages.

Publish dates

Set pages to appear in the distant future! Or next Thursday. That’s good too.

Blog & transcript

Share your thoughts of the day while you support search engines & screen readers.